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10 February 2020 (11:04) by [ADM]Kimet - Change Log

- Fixed god trader position.
- All traders spawning 100% of chance.
- Raised event bosses loot chance from gods to divine.
- Raised gems bosses loot chance.
02 January 2020 (11:50) by [ADM]Kimet - Happy New Year!!!
Happy New Year Madnessers!!!
Thanks for making the madness community great!!
A glimpse ahead!!!
24 December 2019 (15:17) by [ADM]Kimet - Christmas Event!!!
Christmas Event in Madness!!
The Evil Santa stolen the christmas presents from Santa Claus!
Help Santa Claus catch him and bring a nice christmas to the children!!
Merry Christmas Madnessers!!

14 December 2019 (17:07) by [ADM]Kimet - New Era Started!!!
New Era Started!!!!
Thank you everybody for being a part of Madness Community!!!
Enjoy the New Era!!!
07 December 2019 (08:19) by [ADM]Kimet - New Era Comming Soon!!!
Our First PVP Enforced Era Is Coming!!!

03 December 2019 (07:25) by [ADM]Kimet - New Era Comming Soon!!!
The Era is ending soon, the date/time of the new era and some news are going to be posted this weekend
We will have something authentic in madness, you can meditate on this clue:
~~ The Law of the Jungle Will Describe It ~~

Thank you everybody for playing this Era!!!
12 September 2019 (19:16) by [ADM]Kimet - Change Log

- Faster Wagon.
- Titan City monsters faster spawn time.
- Fixed spawn block in Titan City bosses.
- Crisaor will no long spawn in Titan City quest portal.
- Fixed phoebe ground tile that made you get invisible.
- Exiva fixed.
- Fixed monsters not showing up in rails.
- Rework in medusa paralyze.
- Faster squirrel respawn at town.
- Squirrel respawn time increased at divine.
- Squirrel Cake and Wild Growth rune drop rate reduced.
- Squirrel walnut drop improved.
- New amulets stores(up to metis).
- Raised all dust sellers spawn chance in 10%(up to god).
- Enabled Titan Trader within a very rare chance of spawn.
- Killing restriction for use Atlas set and above.
- Any account that have donated more than 150 EUR wont be checked by antibot.(Current era only)
- You will not be kicked by medusa room when your time is over.
- Added shortcut to Eurynome.
30 August 2019 (04:00) by [ADM]Kimet - Double Upgrade Event1!
Double Upgrade Chance event is actived!!!

Enjoy This weekend playing Madnessalive!!!
The event is going to be running until Sunday 23:59h(Server Time).
20 August 2019 (17:29) by [ADM]Kimet - Change log

- Fixed River V House Doors.

- Fixed Description in Archmage Vip portal.

- Loot drop(heart/brain) rate from Kimet/Taymullah reduced.

- Raised Gods Health.

- Upgraded magic claw reduced from 100% to 75% damage increase.

- Restriction to acess some areas only have used the complete set.

- Now if you equip any divine item you will be the owner and the item wont be able to be used by others.

- Knights can no longer use exana mort and exeta res simultaneous.

- Elimination now can only be used by paladins 5th promoted/ sissy / demigods and titans.

- Some minor bugs fixed.

- Magic claw and golden bow raid rate raised to 2x.
16 August 2019 (01:22) by [ADM]Kimet - News!!!
Madsnessalive New Era Is Running, Join Us!!!

Donates From Last Era RELEASED!!

- Stair down in ice kings vip.
- Fixed archmages not spawning properly at vip pits.
- Fixed items description in Raids.
- Now it shows the vip bonus loot.
- Changed mutated dog's portal position.
- Fixed bug in Players counting as monsters in madnesskills.
- Faster spawn of archmage at Archmages Apprentice place down temple.
- Fixed bug in missing double points in antibot check.
- Now Magic claws influence on mages weapon damage and cannot be used by knights/paladins.
- Sorcerers gain more weapon damage when promoted.
- Some Channels removed and Hunting Channel created.

09 August 2019 (01:10) by [ADM]Kimet - News!!
Madnessalive New Era Is Running, Join Us!!!

- Donates Open.
- Rail/Pits Activated.
- 2 More Pits.
- New Boss Event Reward System.
- Fixed crash in raids.
- Fixed teleport to temple when you logged out in some areas(Ice King Quest Room and others).

Image: Archmage Event Being Slayed

01 August 2019 (22:17) by [ADM]Kimet - Madness New Era!!!
New Era Started July 27!!!
Join US!!!
17 November 2018 (00:51) by [ADM]Kimet - Last Era Donates
Donates from Last Era has been released!!
Thank you for supporting and enjoying Madness Alive!!!

02 November 2018 (15:05) by [ADM]Kimet - Madness New Era!!!
Madness New Era Started!!!
Join US!!!
29 October 2018 (07:10) by [ADM]Kimet - New Era Comming!!!
11 April 2018 (22:07) by [ADM]Kimet - Compensation
Double Upgrade Chance during this weekend!!!
Saturday shutdown(14) until Monday shutdown(16)!!!
31 March 2018 (00:29) by [ADM]Kimet - Easter Event
Double Upgrade Chance during this weekend!!!
Saturday shutdown until Monday shutdown!!!

28 March 2018 (02:05) by [ADM]Kimet - Last Era Donates
Donates from last era released!
21 March 2018 (01:05) by [ADM]Kimet - Compensation

20 March 2018 (08:07) by [ADM]Kimet - Donates Enabled!
Donates Enabled!
Thank you everybody who is supporting Madnessalive OT!
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